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6 Tips on Hiring

As the saying goes, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Some might also say you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Whether these sayings are 100 percent true in the workplace is likely up for debate but they are certainly more true than false. To boot, bad hires can be expensive, and the hiring process, itself, is certainly not cheap. Therefore, it’s crucial you spend some time examining how to hire great talent as a manager. Below, we’ve shared 6 tips on hiring the strongest candidates:

  1. Make sure the interviewer is enthusiastic about the company and the position. It’s hard to fake genuine excitement and, just as this person is trying to impress you, you are also trying to impress her. Not only is it crucial to convey this during the interview process, but you should also allow this candidate to see the company culture and this enthusiasm in action.
  2. Just as you should be passionate, you should also pursue candidates who are passionate. Ideally, the candidate will not only be passionate about this opportunity but about other things in his life as well. Ask him about what he does in his free time, and what really gets him excited. He should be able to convey his fervor regarding at least one hobby or the like. If he’s not able to show any sort of excitement about what he does in his free time, he’s not likely to be passionate when it comes to his work. In fact, he just might be a dud.
  3. Find someone with a great personality. Of course, it’s imperative to seek out someone who is qualified but you can’t overestimate the value in finding someone who is enjoyable to talk to and, as they say in Kindergarten, gets along well with others. Hopefully you have a fairly well defined company culture and this person should align with this. You might be tempted to go with the person with higher qualifications but if she isn’t a good fit with the other employees, it’s not likely to end well.
  4. Disregard any hard and fast rules when going into the interview. As most of us know, Nolan Bush nearly passed over hiring Steve Jobs because he didn’t look the part and he was arrogant and unlikable. Imagine passing over Steve Jobs! Of course, hiring someone with entire body tattoos for a high level banking position might not be advisable either, but if you have the flexibility to think outside the box, we say do it.
  5. Dig deep within the pockets when trying to land top talent. As everyone knows, times are tight these days but if you need to make cutbacks, it’s probably advisable to make them in other areas. Conversely, those you do hire should know that their income is tied to their productivity and, ultimately, the success of the organization. Good candidates are likely internally motivated but knowing their income is tied to the company’s bottom line is an effective way to incentivize employees. One word of warning, however: If you’ve given them the highest offer your company can manage and the candidate still seems unhappy, cut him loose. If not, he will likely remain dissatisfied and take the next offer to come along.
  6. Assess the candidate’s level of commitment. It’s interesting to look at hiring in this day and age versus that of our parents’ day and age. It used to be frowned upon to leave your company and many of our parents only worked at one or two companies throughout their whole careers. These days, however, it’s more acceptable to have some movement. However, if this person has been job-hopping for years, she will likely continue to do so, making your company a stepping-stone as opposed to a long-term home.
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