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Social Recruitment

Social recruitment continues to be a huge growth area through 2013. As job seekers continue to scan the social web for opportunities, recruiting tactics and the process of hiring is rapidly evolving. Social recruiting is pro-active, cost-effective, multi-dimensional, current and strategic.

A social recruiting strategy needs to be part of a corporate company’s and search firm’s overall goals and objectives to deliver a real ROI (Return On Investment) in its hiring practices. A social recruiting strategy is about reaching the best highly qualified candidates and passive job seekers, building brand recognition, and achieving company objectives.

Social recruiting simply put allows you to reach and connect with candidates you would otherwise not be able to reach and be seen as an employer of choice. The most effective recruitment process utilizes all three major social networks at once – Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

Social recruitment is typically used at the start of a search to attract candidates – but should be considered as part of a continuous pipeline building exercise to source, uncover and engage top talent. Social recruiting is an additional strategy and integral component to your existing recruitment process but it should never be the complete solution.

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