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The Pi Group Announces the Promotion of Jenna Agata to Senior Director

The Pi Group, the premier Consumer Goods Talent Advisory firm, is pleased to announce the promotion of Jenna Agata to Senior Director

Jenna Agata was The Pi Group’s first hire in 2013 and has progressed at a lightning pace (with four promotions in under five years). In her new role, Jenna will focus on strengthening and advancing The Pi Group’s competitive position, while nurturing the next generation of talent at the firm. She will continue to lead the Marketing & Sales practice with a best-in-class client roster within the Beverage, Wine & Spirits, and Cannabis categories while broadening her functional expertise with the addition of Supply Chain, HR and Finance, so she can deliver a holistic suite of services to her clients.

“Jenna’s meteoric rise to Senior Director, in under five years, is an incredible story for The Pi Group, as she has been with us from the very beginning and has been instrumental to our success nearly from day one,” says Steve Morrissey, The Pi Group’s Managing Partner. “It is particularly gratifying for me personally to watch Jenna grow and develop into an integral part of the firm. She is invaluable to us as someone who continually drives the business and raises the bar for everyone around her. She has had an exceptional five-year run with us and in particular has taken her performance to another level over the last two years. We are excited to see what is next for Jenna as she takes on a more senior role in the business and continues to contribute to our position as a leader in the recruitment and talent advisory space.”

As The Pi Group’s first official hire, Jenna has a unique perspective on the brand story. She has been involved in every facet of the firm’s growth and progression to becoming one of the leaders in talent for the CPG sector. This promotion is well deserved, and The Pi Group is very proud to see Jenna taking that next step within the business.

“For me, this promotion is the culmination of all the investments that Steve and the rest of the management team have made in me over the last five years,” says Jenna. “I found a home at The Pi Group and I am forever thankful for all of the opportunity that has been afforded to me.  I look forward to becoming a bigger part of the management team and working towards developing the next generation of Pi-ers.”

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