Professional Recruitment

The Perpetual Insights approach to recruitment is distinguished by deep experience in our area of specialty – Consumer Goods and is regarded as the trusted resource for securing professional and specialized talent. Many of our executive recruiting professionals have worked on the client side of the business, so we bring a real understanding of key industry concerns and company criteria as we identify appropriate candidates. Our insider's knowledge of consumer-driven businesses allows for a short learning curve, which helps expedite the search process.

Discovering and retaining the kind of talent that will positively impact your business is one of the most pressing recruitment issues that companies face today, and Perpetual Insights is uniquely positioned and equipped to help clients meet this challenge head on. Every one of our consultants provides invaluable experience and insight across a number of functional roles in the Consumer Goods industry. Our consultants leverage their specialized knowledge base with best-in-class candidate sourcing tools and innovative technologies to ensure a broad view of the top-talent in the market.

Pi Consulting

Pi Consulting focuses on placing marketing, sales, finance and accounting, supply and HR consumer goods, talent on a short-term, interim or contract basis to help their clients successfully drive consumer engagement resulting in brand growth. Our client’s human resource talent is their most valuable asset and the need for interim talent is a unique opportunity to infuse organizations with management expertise that can be engaged quickly, efficiently and without long-term obligation.

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Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping provides our clients with a confidential, tailor-made in-depth market intelligence analysis and can be used to help HR professionals in planning long term acquisition strategies. This incorporates a well-defined methodology assessing what available talent is suitable for your executive jobs in the current business environment and is a compelling first step strategy to understand the talent environment. You may not have an immediate executive appointment need, but desire a market overview in order to be well situated for a fast executive placement in the future and understand the competitive landscape on which you sit.

Pi Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is advantageous if you find yourself in one of these scenarios:

  • You want to be certain that, as a particular role need arises, the ideal candidate does in fact exist in the market.
  • You have a potential Executive Search need, but remain uncertain until there is a more comprehensive understanding of the market via the Executive Market Mapping report, at which point the company is better equipped with the necessary information to decide whether or not to open the headcount to new executive appointments.
  • You seek to gain valuable insights into competitor structures and strategies.
  • You desire to reduce recruitment spend and improve your return on investment.
  • You are engaged in the process of succession planning, diversity mapping or general executive benchmarking.
  • You intend to expand or launch into a new market or geographical location and want to understand the local talent pool, before deciding whether to conduct an Executive Search locally or expatriate a manager for these executive jobs.

Talent Assessment

As organizations face increasing demand and competition to attract and retain the best people in the market, the need to accurately forecast prospective and current employees’ performance and fit is critical. To do that, businesses need to understand what drives both individual and organizational performance. Talent Assessment enables organizations to make confident, data-driven recruitment decisions, and correctly predict and invest in growing and harnessing the right talent.

We help organizations identify, select and develop talented individuals and teams. Our psychometric evaluation features an integrated portfolio of scientifically-validated assessment products and consultancy services underpinned by extensive research. This powerful combination delivers compelling, predictable results in recruitment and talent management.

Through the inclusion of Talent Assessment in the Executive Search process, we can more readily assess how candidates will rise to the expectations of the role, who will better fit to the culture of the employer and who is expected to perform better as required under the most challenging situations.

Executive Search

Pi Executive is part of the Pi Group and is primarily a retained executive search firm specialized in the Consumer and Retail sector. Passionate about brands and consumers, our Partners each have more than 15 years of experience in advising a multitude of companies from Fortune 500 and start-ups to family owned and private equity backed businesses in their hiring strategies.

It takes time to understand what lies at the core of a company culture, and paramount to successful delivery is their ability and dedication to developing trusted long term partnerships with a select portfolio of clients. As trusted advisors to their clients, Pi Executive is the partner of choice.

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Career Transition

As organizations face the difficult task of staff reduction and restructuring, the need to transition employees becomes inevitable.

Perpetual Ambition stands ready with a first class outplacement program for candidates in transition, specifically designed for Consumer and Retail sector professionals. Offering one-to-one, personalized coaching, our team is committed to meeting your goals. Perpetual Ambition reinforces job search techniques and provides step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process, from initial assessment to job offer and on-boarding assistance.

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